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XWJ waste sorting plant contracted by MSWsorting

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This year, Beijing will speed up the commissioning of waste incineration plants such as Asuwei, Miyun and Shunyi Phase II. At the same time, it will promote the construction of Fangshan Comprehensive Treatment Plant and Haidian Construction Waste Recycling Project, and strive to complete the main body at the end of the year.

Next, the reporter will show you the xiaowuji garbage sorting center contracted by MSWsorting. The three sorting processes accurately screen the classified garbage.

Liu Wei, deputy director of Xiaowuji Garbage Sorting and Transfer Station, said that Xiaowuji's garbage sorting and transfer station mainly uses three sorting processes: drum screening, magnetic sorting and wind sorting. The domestic garbage is sorted to produce incineration materials. , organic materials, recyclables (iron and plastics, etc.) three types of substances, to achieve waste sorting reduction and resource.

In the specific process of garbage disposal, first, the sanitation transport vehicle passes through the weighbridge weighing and weighing system to collect garbage data, and the approach bridge enters the discharge area. After the domestic garbage enters the drum screen, it is sieved into two parts of a sieve top of 80 mm or more and a sieve bottom of 80 mm or less according to the size of the garbage.

Among them, the sieve has high average calorific value and less pollution, and is compressed by a press-fit device to a compression tank and transported to an incineration power plant through a garbage transfer vehicle with a leachate collection device. The undersize material has a high organic content and can be composted.

In the process of transporting domestic garbage, magnetic sorting and wind sorting are set up. Among them, magnetic sorting can separate metal materials such as iron in the garbage, and wind sorting can separate the light materials in the garbage to realize regeneration. Recycling of resources.

“Garbage is a misplaced resource. After sorting, it can realize the more refined use of garbage, taking it from life and using it for life.” Liu Wei said that some garbage transfer stations have not yet sorted garbage. Process, a lot of garbage is sent directly to the incineration power plant, and the recycling rate needs to be improved.

Secret 2 How to eliminate the smell of garbage?

Fully sealed and deodorized

How to solve the smell of garbage? Will it affect the living of residents in the surrounding communities?

In view of the odor generated during the garbage disposal process, the Xiaowuji transfer station adopts a fully enclosed deodorization process to completely seal the production area, and uses the collection and treatment device to concentrate the odor treatment to realize the organized and harmless odor. emission.

Among them, the discharge area is provided with a plurality of unloading positions, and each position is provided with a quick lifting door to maximize the isolation of dust and odor generated during the unloading process.

The deodorization process adopts a three-dimensional treatment method combining biological compound deodorization and plasma deodorization technology. The biological deodorization adopts a combined treatment process of biological washing and deodorizing, trickling deodorization, filtering and deodorizing, and the odor is discharged after passing through the biological deodorizing tower.

The high-energy electronic deodorizer used in the plasma deodorization technology consists of a filter dust removal section, a high-energy electron bombardment section, and a catalytic oxidation section. The principle is to use a high-voltage high-frequency power source to form a high-energy electric field. The high-energy electron flow in the field collides with the odor molecules, causing the odor gas molecules to be broken to form molecular fragments, and the high-energy electrons can decompose the surrounding air ionization into extremely oxidizing. Oxygen ion groups and free radicals further catalyze oxidative decomposition of odor and eliminate odor.

Liu Wei pointed to a wind tube at the top of the station, saying that there are also air ducts at various points in the production area of ​​the transfer station, which can replace and wash 660,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

“Whether it is in the factory area or around the factory area, the odor is very small now. The nearest residential building from the transfer station is only twenty or thirty meters. At present, the transfer station and the community can basically achieve harmony and harmony.” Liu Wei said.

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