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Garbage "front end reduction" is immportant

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"Front-end reduction" is imminent

“The kitchen waste is not only inconvenient to the public in the classification process, but also puts a lot of pressure on the waste treatment plant in terms of handling,” said the person in charge.

According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, China's existing catering waste processing capacity is only 30,000 tons / day, the mandatory implementation of the waste classification policy will increase the amount of kitchen waste collected, according to the national city of 170 million tons / year of wet garbage production In view of this, it needs 466,000 tons/day of kitchen waste disposal capacity. The national urban wet waste disposal gap is about 436,000 tons/day. Together with the increase of kitchen waste caused by garbage classification, the gap of wet waste disposal capacity in China huge.

The person in charge said that due to the long construction period of the kitchen waste treatment plant (about 2 years), it takes a long time to make up the wet waste end treatment capacity, coupled with the high cost of wet garbage collection and disposal, so the wet waste from the source It is also an irresistible trend to carry out front-end reduction treatment. "As the waste separation policy is promoted in various places, waste separation related products such as kitchen waste disposer, kitchen waste dryer, and bio-food waste machine are rapidly becoming popular. Due to its convenience and high efficiency, the processor can directly eliminate the kitchen waste in the kitchen. It has become a convenient tool for some consumers to handle kitchen waste."

It is reported that the use of kitchen waste disposer can reduce waste from the source and reduce the cost of garbage disposal. According to the Shanghai Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences, the feasibility study on the breakdown of household kitchen waste in Shanghai, if Shanghai The rate of garbage disposal in the district will increase to 10%, and the daily waste will be reduced by 1,300 tons. The daily waste incineration cost will be reduced by about 900,000 yuan or the landfill cost will be about 140,000 yuan.

Meeting the billion-dollar market

According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, the food waste disposer market is mainly concentrated in the United States, China, the European Union and other regions. As the birthplace of the kitchen waste disposer in the United States, with the support of the policy side, the current penetration rate has exceeded 50%. More than 80% of new homes are equipped with kitchen waste disposers. At this stage, the penetration rate of Chinese products is still very low, and the penetration rate is less than 1%. With the gradual release of the garbage classification policy, the garbage processor search index and sales volume soared, becoming an environmentally friendly star under the garbage classification.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, based on the 291 million households in urban and rural areas in 2018, in the case of urban sewage treatment equipment not upgraded, the Chinese urban scientific research will be recommended for 20% of Zhuhai's penetration rate, then Chinese kitchen waste The potential stock space of the processor is expected to exceed 58 million units. If the retail price is 2,000 yuan per unit, the potential retail space will exceed 110 billion yuan.

"With the continuous development of science and technology, in order to adapt to the national conditions and residents' living habits, China's sewage treatment systems and technologies will be continuously upgraded, and the penetration rate of kitchen waste treatment systems will continue to increase, even exceeding 20%. We predict the future of this product. It will usher in a broader market blue ocean." The above-mentioned person in charge told the "Securities Daily" reporter that as the only environmentally-friendly listed company under the Central Enterprise China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., the equipment waste sorting and recycling disposal of Central Equipment It is an environmentally-friendly technology product that firmly grasps the development trend of the environmental protection industry and utilizes years of technical accumulation and efforts to build it. It is a concrete embodiment of the company's implementation of the “A+2N” strategy.

"In the context of the country's promotion of waste compulsory classification, the company's front-end reduction products for kitchen waste will be a good life for the people, contributing to social responsibility and contributing to the construction of 'beautiful China', and will also be The company provides new performance growth points and continuously enhances shareholder value," said the person in charge.

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