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Nine garbage sorting center must be established

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On December 1st of this year, the "Measures for the Management of the Classification of Domestic Garbage in Zhengzhou City" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") will be formally implemented, and the "test run" of the Greentown Garbage Sorting Action for more than two years will be announced into the era of mandatory sorting.

Zhengzhou, as the 46 pilot cities in the country, has undergone a comprehensive change of waste sorting, which is a subversive change compared with previous waste sorting measures. The garbage is produced from residential quarters, and is transported at the end and disposed of at the end, all of which have been specifically deployed. The purpose is to completely resolve the classification of residents. In the process of transferring or disposing of garbage, the various wastes are grouped into a "pain point". .

Then, is the hardware of each link of garbage classification closely related to the life of citizens ready to be in place? Can they meet the needs of the people? How to avoid repeating the old road during the operation? In the past few days, reporters walked the community, walked the streets, explored the sorting center, and checked the waste sorting from the community, halfway transportation and end-of-sale, forming a trinity closed-loop operation, trying to see the hardware preparation.

Where is the "pain point" of garbage classification

On October 28, in a community near Tianhe Road and Yingcai Street in Zhengzhou City, Mr. Wen, a citizen, came downstairs holding the garbage, and put it into a bin with recyclable garbage written shortly. When the community cleaning workers cleaned up the garbage, they put them Dump it into the sanitation truck along with the non-recyclable trash next to it. The two kinds of garbage are mixed, transferred to the nearby garbage transfer station, and then transported by the garbage removal vehicle to the suburban landfill or power plant to generate electricity.

Mr. Wen ’s trash is mostly paper balls, pieces of paper and old erasers, pencils, toys, etc. cleaned up from his daughter ’s bedroom. “Although these things are small, I think they can be reused. I did n’t expect to see them in the blink of an eye. He said that the community has not yet placed a new type of waste sorting box, that is, because the community is a newly built owner, the waste classification propaganda staff and related auxiliary equipment have not been stationed in the community.

Mr. Wen feels the same. In Xinyuan International City Garden, Cotton Spinning East Road, Erqi District, this urban community built more than 10 years ago, like many communities, since last year, waste sorting publicity and related equipment have been put into the community. . "Unconsciously, all kinds of garbage are mixed together again." Mr. Liu, the owner of the community, said that for a long time at first, the common garbage classification staff explained the relevant knowledge to everyone, and by guiding everyone, the recyclable garbage was put into the designation. Garbage bins, points change plastic bags, laundry detergent and other activities, attract residents to actively participate in garbage classification.

"At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon on October 30, when I went to pick up the children from school, I saw that two green trash bins were placed downstairs, both of which were shown as kitchen waste." Mr. Liu said that two dumpsters were dumping. Old shoes, old sheets, meal residues, etc .; from the source of receiving garbage, the past has been restored. Pick up the child and return. The garbage has been cleared away. The difference is that a yellow trash bin was replaced at the scene, which is shown as other garbage.

"Which bucket is used to throw garbage, no one guides it." Mr. Liu said in an interview that although the "Measures" will be implemented immediately, from the current situation, neither the residents nor the garbage classification managers seem to cause too much. Great attention.

Sorting Center 咋 "eats" garbage

"From waste production, transportation to final disposal, the three links of hardware support and system guarantee must be closely linked to form a closed loop of benign operation. Only in this way can we hope to solve the problem of waste classification from the root." Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau Waste Classification Office Frankly speaking, Greentown, as a nationwide 46 garbage sorting pilot cities, has been adopting a learning attitude since starting the garbage sorting pilot in 2017, and has started from the above-mentioned pain points to completely solve the classification problem.

The construction of a garbage sorting center is the key to determining the success of garbage sorting.

On the west side of the West Fourth Ring Road and the Chemical Road, in June this year, the Central Plains District started construction of the first modern waste sorting center in our province.

On October 29, the reporter drove to the site to see that the 23-acre garbage sorting center had basically completed the main project. Several workers shuttled between them and were busy brushing the walls and erecting glass-covered steel frames. Sorting center, two workshops, one north and one south. Equipment imported from abroad has been installed.

The sorting center has a total of 6 functional areas, a kitchen waste treatment workshop, a large-scale waste, garden waste and waste textile workshop, a recyclable temporary storage room, a toxic and hazardous waste temporary storage room, a sewage treatment station and a lecture base. Among them, the core is the kitchen waste treatment workshop. The workshop is designed with two operation lines, working 8 hours a day, and can handle 100 tons of food waste; it runs continuously for 24 hours, and 300 tons of food waste is processed daily. "This amount accounts for about half of the food waste in Central Plains District."

So how does this garbage sorter "eat up" the garbage? Where does the garbage go after it is spit out of its mouth?

According to the relevant person in the center, the kitchen waste from the residential area enters the operation area, and the automatic crane tower will transport it from the car to the site, first pulverize and sifter the machine, and at the same time, the iron wire in the garbage , Iron nails and other iron products, magnetic separation. Subsequently, they were transported to the biomass separator along the operation line, and then crushed and separated, squeezed and dewatered again. When they encountered large pieces of garbage, the "small hammers" inside the equipment would start induction and knock them in turn. Shattered and automatically packed.

"These food waste can be reduced by 30% after being processed by this process. Without stopping, they will be transported to the power plant for incineration to generate electricity." The source said that the sewage generated from the processing of food waste will flow down the underground passage into the nearby The sewage treatment station is then drained to the sewage treatment plant, and after centralized treatment, it becomes reclaimed water, which is used for municipal watering and watering flowers and plants. .

The branches, trimmed flowers, and waste wood from the urban area are sent to the professional operation room of the sorting center for crushing. The reporter noticed that when the center debugged the machine, a wooden stick with the thickness of an arm was cut into several pieces. If the remote control of the air conditioner is the size, "they can be used after they are broken." The staff said that these wooden blocks, After processing the branches, it can be used to make plywood and composite boards.

It is understood that according to the plan, in mid-November this year, the main body of the center was completely completed, and the waste sorting equipment was put into use; after the textiles were processed, they could be used as raw materials for fiber products.

How is the garbage sorting center built

According to reports, in 2017, Zhengzhou was included in 46 nationwide pilot cities for waste classification and treatment. In order to promote waste classification, Zhengzhou has established the Office of the Leading Group for the Promotion of Domestic Waste Classification, which is the Zhengzhou Municipal Waste Classification Office. According to the plan, by the end of 2019, Zhengzhou's waste separation pilot community coverage rate will reach 70% and 95% by the end of 2020. At present, 21 environmental protection companies have participated in the waste separation operation service project, and about 1500 communities in the city have piloted waste separation.

"The total amount of garbage generated in Zhengzhou every day is about 8,000 tons, and the amount of food waste accounts for about 40%." According to relevant persons from Zhengzhou Municipal Waste Classification Office, according to the work deployment, a garbage sorting center must be established in the nine districts of the city. At present, the construction speed of the Central Plains is relatively fast, but it is not yet completed. Once the waste sorting center is put into use, only one item of dewatering can reduce more than 1,000 tons of waste.

According to a person in charge of the Urban Management Bureau of the city, the establishment of a garbage sorting center in each district is to seek the principle of nearest disposal and transport the garbage in the area to the processing center. The current waste disposal destination of Zhengzhou, which has been implemented for many years, is changed. Most of the domestic garbage is transported to the Zhengzhou garbage disposal site in Erqi District for landfill. Under the new model, the load capacity of the dump is diverted, and many "waste products" are turned into treasures.

It is understood that the garbage sorting centers to be established in each district focus on receiving food waste, garden waste, and large-size waste. They do not dispose of the waste generated by farmers' markets. So, how to deal with a lot of rotten leaves and waste fruits at the farmer's market?

"They will be guided to build a professional garbage disposal room." A person in charge of Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau revealed that there is a large-scale farmer's market in an office in the airport area, and a fruit and vegetable garbage disposal site with a daily capacity of 10 tons has been built. Treated fruit waste is different from food waste. They are high-quality organic fertilizers that can be used to grow vegetables and crops. He said that the food waste contains a large amount of salt and seasonings. From the perspective of environmental protection, it cannot be used as fertilizer.

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