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  Robots help solve sorting problems
    Faced with the problem of garbage sorting and recycling brought about by backward processing methods and low technical level, the fiery development of “machine substitution” has brought the answer to China. Under the trend of informationization and intelligence, the application of robots is breaking through the limitations of the industry, and rapidly expanding to major industries and scenes. With the emergence of garbage sorting robots, the field of garbage sorting and recycling has become another application of robots. Focus.
  MSWsorting will participate in 124th Canton Fair
    MSWsorting will participate in the 124th Autumn Canton Fair. Welcome to the booth: 7.1 C24-25 for more information on the product.
  Recycling aluminum industry technology policy
    Recycling aluminum industry pollution prevention and control technology policy
  MSW City Waste comprehensive treatment process
    Waste comprehensive treatment process is the future development direction
  E-waste should be properly recycled
    E-waste is an informal term for the so-called Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). It encompasses any household or office item that contains circuitry or electronic components powered by batteries or power supplies and that has reached the end of its useful life. In addition to the above common office supplies, e-waste also includes refrigerators, toasters, washing machines, stereo systems, electric toothbrushes, and toys that can be activated by themselves.
  Sorting technology before solid waste incineration
    Separation of fluidized bed incineration and co-disposal of cement kiln On the basis of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and equipment, MSWsorting combines the characteristics of domestic garbage and the status of domestic garbage sorting, relying on its own equipment and technical advantages, independently developed fluidized bed pre-burning sorting and cement kiln co-processing sorting technology complete sets of equipment. It realizes the use of mechanical sorting to mix garbage.
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