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Environmentally friendly garbage sorting station

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The 4th "Capital Enterprise Open Day" activity was launched. Nearly 30 representatives of the citizens of the capital, college teachers and students walked into the Xiaowuji garbage sorting and transfer station on the fourth ring of the southeast, and guided the staff to guide this modern sanitation facility.

On the day of the “Capital State-owned Enterprises Open Day”, nearly 30 representatives of the capital citizens, college teachers and students, under the guidance of the staff, visited the Xiaowuji Sorting and Transfer Station of the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group Solid Waste Stream Company in an orderly manner.

It is understood that this is the fourth consecutive year that Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group participated in the “Capital State-owned Enterprises Open Day”. The Group has successively created a boutique tour route such as “The Power of Domestic Waste”, “Garden Factory – Nangong Incineration Power Plant”, and many citizens take the opportunity to learn more about sanitation and support sanitation.

Landscape architecture along the East Fourth Ring

In the traditional concept, people often avoid the garbage station, but the Xiaowuji garbage transfer station on the fourth ring of the southeast has changed people's traditional concepts.

The citizens who came to visit the staff introduced the overall situation of the Xiaowuji sorting and transfer station.

The visiting citizens were guided by the staff and visited the on-site work area in an orderly manner.

On the morning of June 2, the teachers and students from Beijing University of Technology entered the park of Xiaowuji Transfer Station covering an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters and saw a main building made up of glass curtain walls and silver-gray steel plates. Very modern and modern, with a strong sense of technology.

The visiting citizens were guided by the staff and visited the on-site work area in an orderly manner.

“Is this a garbage sorting transfer station?” “Is this an office building?” “I look like a high-speed rail station.” The students talked a lot. They saw that the ground in the factory area was clean and tidy, the vehicles in the clearing and transportation were neatly arranged, the pure electric cleaning vehicles were working in the park, and the working vehicles and operators in each area were busy in an orderly manner. The students felt that they did not expect that the sanitation facilities that are now screening and transporting garbage are like this.

Mechanized centralized sorting of garbage

With the curiosity, everyone started the tour of Xiaowuji garbage sorting and transfer station under the leadership of the staff. Into the station, the teachers and classmates first watched the image of Beijing Sanitation Group's image, fully understanding the group's garbage collection from the front end, the middle-end clearing and screening transportation, to the end of the quality processing business, to understand the group's urban garbage The entire process of achieving harmless processing.

In the central control room of Xiaowuji sorting and transfer station, the instructor introduced the centralized sorting process and process of waste industrialization to the public through the screen displayed on the electronic screen.

In the centralized control room of the automatic sorting process, the instructor introduced the overall situation of the Xiaowuji garbage sorting transfer station to the students through the process flow chart and monitoring screen displayed on the electronic screen. "Currently, Xiaowuji refuse sorting and transfer station mainly undertakes the sorting and transshipment of domestic garbage in some areas of Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District, and the daily processing capacity is 2,000 tons. The main sorting of refuse sorting is drum screen screening and magnetic separation. The three processes of wind sorting are used for industrial sorting. The sorted garbage is divided into three parts: organic materials, incineration materials and renewable resources..."

In the corridor of the transfer station, the students also saw a booth of “Jinghuanbao” nutrient soil. Originally, after screening through the drum screen, the undersize of the sieve having a particle size of less than 80 mm is an organic material, and after being processed by a special process of the terminal treatment facility, it can be converted into a nutrient soil required for landscaping, flower and grass cultivation, and sanitation. Everyone has given a name to the nutritious soil called "Jinghuanbao", and everyone is very impressed.

Later, the lecturers led the citizens to the job site and answered the garbage sorting process at a close distance while answering many questions raised by the students.

Really environmentally friendly

At the scene, some visitors visited the residential area not far away and said, "The community there is less than 50 meters away from the Xiaowuji refuse transfer station. Now the summer has arrived. The residents have not reflected the odor problem?" The staff explained: "In 2017, the Xiaowuji waste sorting and transfer station completed the full-closed transformation, and the entire production area was sealed and treated to achieve full-station negative pressure operation. The odors in the production area were collected and processed intensively. Through the method of biological deodorization and electronic deodorization, the gas is discharged after reaching the standard. Therefore, no matter whether you visit the factory or around the factory, you will not smell.

On the day of the 4th “Capital State-owned Enterprises Open Day”, the Xiaowuji Transfer Station of Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group Solid Waste Stream Company welcomed nearly 30 visitors. The picture shows the public taking a group photo in front of the main building of Xiaowuji Transfer Station.

It is through special transformation that the Xiaowuji sorting transfer station has now truly become an “environmentally friendly” sanitation facility and “get along with the surrounding residents”. Through this visit, the teachers and classmates opened their eyes and learned the knowledge. At the same time, they also really understood the importance of garbage sorting. In the future, they will drive their friends to join the ranks of environmental protection.

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