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  Trial operation of Shenzhen MSW sorting center
    Trial operation of Shenzhen garbage sorting center
  Jiaogang Waste Sorting Project Completed
    A few days ago, the Jiaogang garbage sorting center project was completed and is waiting for acceptance. The project is located near the Jiaojiang Coastal Industrial Zone, adjacent to the coastal expressway in the east and Modern Avenue in the south. The traffic conditions are relatively convenient, and the location is far from the living area, with an investment of 118 million yuan(CNY). This is also the first large-scale waste sorting center in TAO state.
  Strive to ensure high-quality order delivery
    MSWsorting team fight against the epidemic and strive to ensure high-quality production and delivery
  Grasp opportunity for sorting before incineration
    MSW Technology Company uses a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and one successful case after another to promote the reform of my country's garbage disposal model. Based on a variety of leading high-performance sensor recognition technologies (spectroscopy, ray, EM, line array imaging, etc.) and ultra-high-speed artificial intelligence recognition technology. Focus on solving the global problems of plastic sorting, garbage sorting and refined sorting of renewable resources, realize recycling in circular economy, and jointly promote carbon neutrality.
  Company was invited to attend ISWIC conference
    MSWsorting was invited to attend The 4th China International Solid Waste Innovation Conference and introduced the relevant background and global development of MSW technology company, hoping to promote the active development of the field of harmless solid waste and efficient utilization of resources through this conference.
  Chongyuanqu MSW sorting center started operation
    On September 1, the domestic waste sorting center in Chongyuan District, which was constructed by MSWsorting, was officially put into trial operation. This was the first domestic waste sorting center officially operated in Zhengzhou. The completion and commissioning of the project is an important practice to break the predicament of the "garbage siege", and it also marks that Zhengzhou's garbage classification and disposal has entered a new stage.
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