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Waste Management Major Equipments

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Major equipment:
1-buried environmental waste collection bin;
2-cell, transfer station garbage dry and wet separator, processor;
3- scenic garbage disposal machine;
4- Rural, township garbage disposal machine;
5-waste uniform feeding machine;
6-Garbage broken bag, crusher;
7-large waste sorting machine;
8-garb comprehensive sorting machine;
9-organic waste fertilizer equipment;
10-plastic wood-plastic panel complete equipment;
11-Combustible pyrolysis gasification equipment;
12-Complete equipment for comprehensive treatment of urban and rural domestic wastes;
13-Old and old garbage disposal equipment;
14-Building and decoration garbage disposal equipment;
15-food kitchen waste disposal equipment;
16- Complete set of vegetable waste treatment equipment;
17- Complete sets of equipment for landscaping garbage disposal;
18- Agricultural waste treatment equipment;
19-A complete set of waste disposal equipment for abattoir farms;
20-An animal carcass treatment equipment;
21-Manure processing equipment;
22 urban sewage sludge treatment equipment;
23- Complete sets of waste treatment equipment for food and pharmaceutical industries;
24-medical waste treatment equipment;
25-Paper waste treatment equipment;
26-Mechanized centralized sorting center complete sets of equipment

Second, professional supply: urban and rural domestic garbage, old garbage, construction waste, kitchen waste, kitchen waste, vegetable market garbage, landscaping garbage, agricultural waste, straw straw, farm waste, animal carcasses, animal waste, slaughter Treatment technologies for field waste, urban domestic sludge, food industry waste, pharmaceutical industry waste, medical waste, and paper waste.

Third, the project advantages:
1- During the construction period, the National Development and Reform Commission will provide 30%-60% of support funds (without repaying principal and interest); it is completely tax-free.
2- After the completion of the local government, the local government will pay a processing fee of 130-240 yuan per ton;
3-Recycling resource-based products, wood-plastic composite materials, pure ecological organic fertilizer (the government subsidizes 400 yuan to 600 yuan per ton) and hollow brick sales revenue are owned by the enterprise.

Fourth, cooperation with the government:
PPP or BOT, waste treatment + ecological agriculture + precision poverty alleviation

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