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Grasp opportunity for sorting before incineration

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On September 1, 2020, with the implementation of my country's "New Solid Waste Law", my country's solid waste recycling and reuse began to gradually enter the transformation development mode. In the transformation period of optimizing the process flow, there is an urgent need for a new generation of artificial intelligence and other major Innovation, thereby promoting the transformation of the traditional mechanical and physical processing mode to a digital, intelligent and networked processing mode.

100% efficient waste management is an essential factor in bringing us closer to a true circular economy, and in any case, closing the gap between current recycling and waste disposal efforts and the state of the industry’s goals will require an understanding of every operational step involved. A comprehensive overview of the data, and artificial intelligence is beginning to help us achieve this goal and show strong application performance, which is a change across the ages.

In traditional sorting, mechanical methods are mainly used for sorting. Spectral technology is also used in plastic sorting abroad. However, in fact, there are many interference factors in plastics and garbage (such as dirt, water stains, etc.), and the accuracy of traditional identification algorithms is accurate. will be greatly reduced. And MSWsorting uses "spectrum + artificial intelligence", "near infrared + artificial intelligence", "linear array imaging + artificial intelligence", which makes the accuracy and precision of identification rise to a new level, even if there are various dirt on the plastic Contamination and label interference can also accurately identify materials and colors.

Secondly, the stability of sorting equipment is also crucial. Industrial Internet technology can realize real-time monitoring and early warning of the status of equipment, which is also the future development trend in the field of garbage sorting and plastic processing.

MSW Technology Company uses a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and one successful case after another to promote the reform of my country's garbage disposal model. Based on a variety of leading high-performance sensor recognition technologies (spectroscopy, ray, EM, line array imaging, etc.) and ultra-high-speed artificial intelligence recognition technology. Focus on solving the global problems of plastic sorting, garbage sorting and refined sorting of renewable resources, realize recycling in circular economy, and jointly promote carbon neutrality.

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