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Strive to ensure high-quality order delivery

FROM:MSW Technology DATE:2022-04-19 14:50:53 CLICK:289  

At present, the global epidemic is raging. In accordance with the new epidemic prevention and control policy, relevant production and operation plans are implemented. On the one hand, MSWsorting implements online office, and on the other hand, it races against time offline. Through closed-loop production in factories, it strives to eliminate the adverse impact of the epidemic and protect customers' order as scheduled.

The company's front-line employees formed a "commando team" to ensure production and supply, and coordinated and communicated from material procurement, production coordination and other details. The MSWsorting engineer team and front-line production staff hold meetings online twice a day, striving to solve emerging technical problems as soon as possible. According to the goal of "guaranteing on-time and high-quality delivery", the production and operation are carried out, and the installation, commissioning, optimization and improvement of the customer's waste sorting project are carried out on schedule.

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