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Jiaogang Waste Sorting Project Completed

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A few days ago, the Jiaogang garbage sorting center project was completed and is waiting for acceptance. The project is located near the Jiaojiang Coastal Industrial Zone, adjacent to the coastal expressway in the east and Modern Avenue in the south. The traffic conditions are relatively convenient, and the location is far from the living area, with an investment of 110 million yuan. This is also the first large-scale garbage sorting center in TAO state.

In order to better utilize resources, the Garbage Sorting Center in Jiaogang District has installed a total of 2X300TPD garbage sorting and recycling production lines for construction waste, decoration waste, bulky waste, garden waste and other categories. Belt conveyors, 66 chutes and other complex equipment.

MSWsorting: "In order to avoid the adverse impact of garbage disposal on the surrounding environment, in the design, we put household garbage sorting centers, bulky garbage sorting centers and industrial garbage sorting centers that are easy to emit odor, overflow odorous water and produce dust. The site is placed in the middle of the plot, and the pollution source is isolated from the surrounding environment of the plot with non-polluting business houses, production houses, temporary regenerators and green isolation belts, so as to minimize the impact of garbage disposal on the surrounding environment. "

In the sorting center, the built smart platform can not only monitor the operation of the equipment in the park, but also grasp the overflow level of the garbage cans in the community and the status of the garbage collection and transportation vehicles, and make real-time scheduling. The garbage classification data analyzed by the platform can also It will provide big data support for the next step of the city management department.

After the garbage sorting center is officially put into use, the harmless, reduced and resource-based treatment of Jiaogang garbage will be realized.

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