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Chapter 3: Method of waste sorting

Take you step by step to understand the knowledge of garbage sorting

Method of waste sorting

You don't have to worry too much when sorting garbage. The purpose of garbage classification is to facilitate the end-of-line processing and improve the efficiency of garbage processing. In the future, garbage classification may become more and more fine. Contributed. Priority should be given to ensuring the purity and accuracy of the three types of food waste, recyclables and hazardous waste, but other types of waste are inherently fault-tolerant. The treatment of other garbage is generally incineration, so as long as it is not too outrageous, even if there are some slight deviations, it will not affect the post-processing much. So if you do n't know exactly what kind of garbage, you may wish to put it in other garbage categories, which can help everyone reduce unnecessary tangles when sorting and placing, and also reduce the difficulty of sorting some garbage.


Benefits of waste sorting

Waste Soring and Recycling

Through waste sorting, useful materials such as paper, plastic, rubber, glass, bottles, cans, metals, and waste household appliances are separated from the garbage for recycling and reuse, turning waste into treasure. Not only improve the utilization level of garbage resources, but also reduce the amount of garbage disposal. It is an important way and means to achieve garbage reduction and resource utilization.
The organic waste is composted and fermented, the organic waste is made into fertilizer for farmland and greening, the inorganic waste with no recycling value is landfilled, and the combustible waste with higher heating value is incinerated.

Waste Metal Recovery rate
Waste Paper Recovery rate
Waste Plastic Recovery rate
Waste Glass Recovery rate


Strict compliance with ISO9001 quality management system standards

Waste Feeding Systems

Waste Feeder

Stepping feeding systems have good input performance

Waste Conveying Systems

Waste Conveyor

Waste Conveying Systems OEM design is available

Waste Shredding Systems

Waste Shredder

Double Shaft Waste Shredding Systems, 10-300mm sizes

magnetic separating systems

Magnetic Separator

Sorting and rycycling iron metal from mixted materials

Disc screening systems

Disc Screen

Disc screening systems can deep crushing organic matter etc.

Ballistic Separating Systems

Ballistic Separator

Ballistic separating systems can sorting 2D and 3D materials

Air Sorting Systems

Air Separator

Air Sorting Systems can separating lightweight and heavy materials

Optical Sorting Systems

Optical sorting machine

Optical Sorter can recycling single material: PET, Paper etc

Eddy-Current Separation

Waste Screening

Sorting food waste out from mixed garbage